Vegetarian: 4-Week Vegetarian Nutrition Cookbook for Everyday Lifestyle – 39 Quick & Easy Vegetarian Meal Plans for Beginners (Healthy Low Carb Vegetarian Recipes for Diet and Lifestyle)

Start Your 4-Week Diet With 39 Low Carb Delicious Vegetarian Recipes Every recipe in this book is designed to offer a low-carb, vegetarian alternative to your favorite dishes. You’ll find recipes for every meal of the day, including delectable sweets, all specially created to help you stay on the low-carb path without sacrificing your no-meat mantra. 39 recipes included in this book are vegetarian, low-carb, and deliciously tasty. Here's a quick view of what you'll get inside this book: Energy Boosting BreakfastsHealthy Smoothies & SidesSimple side dishesNutritious Low Carb Main MealsMouth Watering Dessertsand Much more! The best part about this book is that even though the recipes are divided into categories, you can enjoy them any time during the day. Feel like having an Egg-White Frittata for lunch or dinner? Would you rather replace one of your meals with a delicious smoothie or prepare a side dish to go with your simple salad? This meal plan lets you do just that. Replace your high-carb, unhealthy favorites with the 39 recipes in this book and watch your health, and your waistline, improve by the day. If you’re ready to commit to a healthy and simple lifestyle of low-carb, vegetarian meals, then check out these appetizing recipes. Get started with this 4 week plan filled with vegetarian recipes!

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