Ultimate Lasagna & Macaroni & Cheese Cookbook: Family Favorites That Never Go Out Of Style! (Southern Cooking Recipes)

Lasagna and macaroni and cheese are the ultimate family dinner favorites. They are loved by everyone and are tasty and delicious even to picky eaters. There are so many ways to prepare these delicious meals. Macaroni and cheese can be used as a side dish or easily turned into a main dish the entire family will love. Whether you like to keep your macaroni and cheese simple or filled with meat or vegetables, you will find numerous recipes to add to family dinners. Lasagna is not difficult to make but it does require time. Do not be in a rush when making lasagna. Most lasagna can be frozen after baking and cooling. I like to cut leftover lasagna into serving size pieces and freeze in individual portions. I have included lasagna recipes for every meal or occasion. Lasagna is a great dinner or party dish. Most recipes can be prepared ahead and baked when ready. You will find a huge variety of lasagna recipes sure to please most everyone.

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