True Kastle Butcher Knife – Meat Cleaver – Vegetable Chopper – Chinese Vegetable Cleaver – Cleaver Knife – Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife – 7 Inch

If you want a chef knife that's just right, this stainless steel cleaver is for you. It's thin, light and comfortable to use, yet enough knife to get the job done. Whether it's cutting or carving meat or fish, or slicing and chopping vegetables this chef knife is a great addition to your kitchen and cooking arsenal. Quality and Durability - Our stainless steel cleaver is made from the highest quality material. Comfort and Ease of Use - The thin, comfortable design and ergonomic handle deliver maximal agility and handling. Single Piece Unit - The blade and handle are crafted together as a single piece of steel making for easier cleaning and longer durability. Add this cleaver to your kitchen arsenal and enjoy using it for years to come. It will quickly become your go-to vegetable chopper and meat and fish slicer. Add to your cart and purchase today!

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