Treat for Rice Lovers: Learn How to Make Perfect Sweet Rice Pudding in a Comprehensive Rice Pudding Recipe Book

Rice pudding is a comfort food and delicious dessert all around the world. Main ingredient of this dessert is considered rice, but milk is an important ingredient in this recipe. Rice also has an important role in this dish because each type of rice has its own flavor and taste. In this book, you will find 25 delicious recipes. You can serve them as dessert to your family members. There are lots of flavors with fruits, vegan ingredients and chocolate. These puddings are easy to make and healthy for your family. You can serve them in your parties as well. Each recipe has detailed instructions and image for your assistance. The Sweet Rice Pudding book offers: - Classic Rice Puddings with Nuts - Chocolate Rice Puddings - Rice Puddings with Fruity Flavors - Baked Rice Pudding Recipes - Delicious Vegan Rice Puddings Get this Rice Pudding Recipe Book and get ready to surprise your family with the amazing flavor of sweet rice pudding.

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