Tovla & Co. Kids Kitchen Knife and Foldable Cutting Board Set: Children’s Cooking Knives in 3 Sizes & Colors/Firm Grip, Serrated Edges, BPA-Free Kids’ Knives/Safe Lettuce and Salad Knives

Let Your Kids Unfold Their Creative Talent In The Kitchen!Precision cutting is now becoming a breeze for young aspiring chefs!Tovla premium nylon cooking set is a SAFE, EFFICIENT, COLORFUL kids' cooking tool that will save your little ones from tears while they are experimenting with cooking!Inspire Children To Cut Like A Master Chef With The #1 Safety Kitchen Knives and cutting board!Young kids follow you in the kitchen, proudly trying to help in the meal preparation, the salad, bread or cheese cutting.But how about the risk of cuts that lurk in knife use?Happy Little Chefs Experimenting!Let them cut the ingredients of the salad or the meal recipe and worry no more! The blunt tips won't harm their fingers, while the serrated edges make this set a stunning lettuce knife and cutting board set for kids 4+, only with adult supervision.So, now you can rest in peace of mind that your toddler is starting to get independent when it comes to cutting their own veggies, bread, cheese or slice of cake!An Excellent Travel-Friendly Set!Set off on the Sunday picnic, the lazy day on the beach or go camping with your plastic kitchen knives in your backpack!Compact, lightweight and easily carried, this 3-pack set includes 1 LARGE, 1 MEDIUM and 1 SMALL safety knife for convenience in all your out and about!The children will be THRILLED with the 3 different colors we offer as a novelty and will proudly use this multicolor toddler cooking set to show off their culinary skills!A Great Gifting Idea!

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