The Yogurt Cookbook: Recipes from Around the World (New Illustrated Edition)

Yogurt is consumed in a variety of ways in many cultures throughout the world. The author, truly an expert on the subject, tells us the history of yogurt, how to make it, and how it is easily used in all kinds of delicious recipes. This splendid cookbook offers over 200 yogurt recipes ranging from the subtle flavors of Middle Eastern dishes to traditional Armenian specialties; from the spiciness of Indian curries to distinctive regional European foods. There are delicious appetizers, fragrant soups, wonderful salads, and interesting egg dishes. There are recipes for fish, poultry, meat, pasta, and vegetables. There is even a section on bread, pancakes, and fritters. The Yogurt Cookbook is the ultimate yogurt recipe cookbook. If you are a yogurt lover, this is a book for you and if you don't care for it, this book will convert you.

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