The Ultimate Chocolate Cookbook: Enjoy the Sweet Life with Chocolate

Chocolate has been around for thousands of years. It was discovered by South American Mayan Indians who used it as a special drink for ceremoniesIt was used to create a ceremonial brew for celebrations. The Mayans not only loved chocolate, they revered it. Montezuma drank several gallons of chocolate each day. The Mayans also used the cacao bean as currency. In their culture, the cacao bean was very valuable.The more cacao a piece of chocolate has, the healthier it is. Cacao is actually very healthy. Chocolate containing more than 70 percent cacao is considered a health food. The least healthy chocolate is milk chocolate with has only 10 percent cacao. The semisweet chocolate which is used a lot in this Chocolate Cookbook is somewhere in-between.This Chocolate Cookbook is filled with recipes for every type of dessert. There are also recipes for making chocolate candies, which makes a great present. In this Chocolate Cookbook, you will also find main meal recipes that are kicked up in flavor with the addition of some chocolate. Chocolate chili, anyone?Get ready to indulge family and friends with some very special treats.

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