The Skinny Blend Active Lean Body HIIT Workout Plan: Calorie counted smoothies with 15 minute workouts for a leaner, fitter you

The Skinny Blend Active Lean Body HIIT Workout Plan Calorie Counted Smoothies With 15 Minute Workouts For A Leaner, Fitter You.The #1 best-selling personal blender recipe book now with illustrated high intensity interval training workout plan.Pick from our selection of great smoothie recipes as part of your balanced daily diet and follow our 4 pre-planned HIIT sessions each week. Every workout lasts for just 15 minutes, is easy to follow with simple instructions and diagrams for each exercise + tips to help you get the most from your training. No equipment or expensive gym membership needed! There has never been a better time to get build a healthier, leaner, fitter body.You may also enjoy other 'Skinny' low calorie health, diet and fitness titles from CookNation. Just search 'cooknation'.

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