The Ontario Craft Beer Guide: Second Edition

With nearly 100 new breweries, this guide to Ontario craft beer is everything you’ll need to know about the range of outstanding brewers and beers in the province. The explosion of craft beer variety in North America has created a climate of amazing quality and bewildering options for beer drinkers. In Ontario, the booming landscape includes nearly 300 breweries from all parts of the province. Choosing a drink in that landscape can be intimidating, but in The Ontario Craft Beer Guide, beer lovers have a concise and expertly curated guide to over 1,000 offerings, with simple tasting notes and ratings. Whether you’re new to the craft beer scene or an aficionado of the highest calibre, The Ontario Craft Beer Guide is an indispensable field guide to the province’s breweries. Noted experts Jordan St. John (St. John’s Wort) and Robin LeBlanc (The Thirsty Wench) tell the stories of Ontario’s breweries while they guide you to your next favourite beer, from your new favourite brewery.

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