THE MEDITERRANEAN DIET FOR BEGINNERS: A Practical Strategy Guide Featuring Simple Rules for Weight Loss, and a 14 Day Diet Meal Plan

         ★★★★★ If you have been stressed with your weight issues for a while,                          it’s time to take up the Mediterranean Diet. ★★★★★        ★★★★★ You can use this book as a guide to help you get started on your new lifestyle should you be unfamiliar with the Mediterranean Diet. ★★★★★★★★★★ Please note: Book is available in 2 Paperback formats - Black&White and Full Color. Choose the best for you ★★★★★Have you been looking at those models in magazines and wishing you could fit in those clothes and look that good? Tell me honestly, how many times have you purchased a pair of pants that are a few inches smaller than your waistline, think you may fit into those once you lose some weight? If you are guilty of doing something like this, you are not alone. For starters, stop trying to force your body to take on an unnatural shape. Don’t try to slim down just because you want to look like those models on the billboards. And for heaven’s sake don’t starve yourself to shed that stubborn fat. You will only end up disappointing yourself with the lack of energy and sagging skin these crash diets cause. While it’s certainly not right to hate your body if you are obese, you can take up a diet that doesn’t starve you, and offers ample nutrition while leaving you feeling energized.Many people have dreamt about a diet without a strictly written menu for every day. There is a need to focus on a well-balanced diet that offers tasty and diverse food while at the same time boosts your health and keeps your fit. Believe it or not, the Mediterranean diet meets all these parameters and is considered to be one of the healthiest dietary patterns in the world. Additionally, it serves as a general set of guidelines to nudge you into a healthier, happier lifestyle rather than listing off a series of foods that cannot be eaten. You will be able to open up a whole new world for yourself and understand more details about the Mediterranean diet, such as the benefits, the tips, and rules you need to follow, the recipes, and a 14-day plan. Why not try the recipes in this book, there is nothing to lose—except for some bad habits that are! Enjoy the journey.

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