The Magnificent Instant Pot: Your Ultimate Instant Pot Recipe Cookbook

The Magnificent Instant Pot Ultimate Cookbook combines two delicious pressure cooker cookbook manuals in one book! I assure that you will not go a day without filling your loved ones' bellies with delicious meals that will take you little-to-no-effort to prepare. Smart people cook smart as well. And this ultimate guide is all that you will ever need! With the Instant Pot, the hunger pains are addressed in the same amount of time it used to take me to get to the fast food restaurant, order the meal, and start eating. I don't need to have an hour of prep time and another hour for cooking before I can eat a wholesome, nutrient-filled meal. The Instant Pot can save you too - no matter how busy your life is, whether you have the discipline to cook a meal each night, or any other excuse that keeps you from keeping a clean kitchen. This book is going to teach you many things and provide you with multiple recipes: You are going to learn what an Instant Pot is How it works The dos and don'ts of using the Instant Pot How to choose one Five recipes each for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus added recipes for special occasions or two person meals

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