The Little Cantonese Cookbook (Little Cookbook)

In The Little Cantonese Cookbook, Chef Deborah Lowe shares her passionand expertise in Cantonese cooking, putting together a collection of 42authentic home-styled Cantonese recipes that are sure to delight family andfriends.From classic favourites such as sweetand sour pork fillet, steamed pork ribs with black beans and one-pot chickenand lap cheong rice to rich andwholesome soups such as watercress, carrot and pork soup and chicken feet withlotus root soup, this book showcases the time-honoured flavours of Cantonesecuisine and provides exciting options for everyday meals.Written with clear and easy-tofollow instructions and coupled with informative headnotes and invaluablecooking and preparation tips, The Little CantoneseCookbook will no doubt inspire home cooks to recreate the rich flavours ofCantonese cuisine in their home kitchen.

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