The Ketogenic Vegan Cookbook: Vegan Cheeses, Instant Pot & Delicious Everyday Recipes for Healthy Plant Based Eating

Prepare Tasty, Low-Carb, Plant-Based Cheeses & Meals Part Two of the Ketogenic Vegan Series.This is the B&W edition of the book. Forget strange diets, unhealthy tricks, and hard to follow schemes. Choose fat-rich, ketogenic, plant-based foods to program your body to burn fat while remaining true to your vegan principles. Choose 100% keto-friendly, low-carb vegan recipes to get rid of high blood pressure as well as lower your cholesterol levels and seizure threshold while losing weight. Gain quality muscle with these low-carb, high-protein vegan recipes!  Get your body and mind in shape with a high-fat, low-carb vegan diet. Prepare delicious, easy-to-follow recipes that will help you to get the best out of your kitchen. Consume plant-based meals low in carbohydrates to aide concentration, energy levels, and longevity. Reach your weight loss goals with these delicious, low-carb, high-fat recipes that program your body to burn both consumed and stored fats! Learn about vegan nutrition, B12 vitamins, the amino acid lysine, and more. This cookbook is packed with knowledge, loads of tasty recipes, and additional information you shouldn’t miss. Dive into nutritional guidelines, understand ketosis, and learn more about lowering your chances for epilepsy.Make a LCHF vegan diet a walk in the park with this cookbook. All recipes include information backed by research, including macro counts and fiber amounts, and they are easy to prepare with detailed step-by-steps. Burn your body fat with plant-based fats! This cookbook includes 97 recipes for low-carb vegans, including:   Cheeses Breakfasts Lunches Dinners And instant pot recipes Kiss excess body fat, fatigue, and hunger goodbye. Lower your chances at cardiovascular diseases and other heart problems, cancer, and type 2 diabetes.  No animals will be hurt when you prepare these recipes. Go ketogenic vegan! Enrolled in Kindle MatchBook - Buy the paperback today and get the Kindle edition for FREE!

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