The Holy Mole Cookbook: Discover 40 of the Best-Ever Guacamole Recipes; Appetizers, Dips, Spreads, and Salads

Guacamole is so much more than a dip. Enjoy it with bacon and eggs at breakfast time, spread it on your sandwiches for lunch, or enjoy as a burger topping at dinner.Avocados are the key ingredient to any successful guacamole recipe. They contain good essential healthy fats, are high in fiber, and rich in vitamins. Somewhat surprisingly, they are higher in potassium than bananas, but unlike other fruits, are low in sugar.Classic guacamole cookbook recipes along with avocado include lime juice, onion, seasoning and garlic.However, there are a whole host of fresh ingredients that can make a good guacamole, great.Fresh peaches add sweetness, mangos add tang and bananas will make a guacamole even creamier.Jalapeno, hot sauce and chilies add a spicy kick. While nuts and green veggies can add texture, and bite.Here, in this cookbook you will discover 40 of the best-ever guacamole recipes.

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