The Halloween Recipe Journal: A Blank Holiday Cookbook (All Occasion Recipe Journals) (Volume 2)

The Halloween Recipe Journal is a great place to record and save all of the wonderful holiday recipes you have and the new ones that you acquire so that you can go back, revisit and add to them without having to keep up with a stack of index cards. The Halloween Recipe Journal is a blank cookbook that has 114 pages designed so that you can easily record your favorite recipes and find them again when you want to use them. It's perfect for families, couples and singles who love Halloween and love to cook. It can be used as a family Halloween recipe collection book, you can fill it in with your children, grandchildren, as youth group activites and so much more. The pages of this blank cookbook have sections for you to enter: * Preparation time * Cooking time * Oven temperature * Ingredients needed * Cooking directions * Notes to fill-in the information required to consistently produce great results. There are also 5 additional pages for notes at the back of the book. The Halloween Recipe Journal is fun, simple and easy to use. There are spaces for everything you need for fully written recipes that you will enjoy time and time again. It makes a great gift for mothers, fathers, new parents, teachers or as a house-warming gift. It's a blank canvas, so order your copy and start adding your favorite Halloween recipes today.

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