The Fermented Man: A Year on the Front Lines of a Food Revolution

The fermentation craze has been sweeping the nation, but can a person live for one year on nothing but pickles, beer, and other fermented food and drinks? One brave homebrewer tries to find out.On January 1, 2014, homebrewer and writer Derek Dellinger began a journey that would change everything he thought he knew about fermented food and beverage. For an entire year, Dellinger ate and drank only products that had been created by microbes. Exploring the vast world of fermentation, he became the living embodiment of its cultural and nutritional power―he became the Fermented Man.In this highly entertaining narrative, Dellinger catalogs his year spent on this unorthodox diet, revealing insights about the science of fermentation as well as its cultural history, culinary value, and nutritional impact. All the while, readers accompany Dellinger as he forages for living bacteria in the modern American grocery store, samples mucousy green Century Eggs in Chinatown, and embarks on an epic quest to Iceland for rotten shark meat, investigating a realm of forgotten foods that is endlessly complex and surprisingly flavorful.With bonus recipes for readers eager to get off the page and into the kitchen, The Fermented Man is an adventure story, culinary history, and science project all in one.

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