The Brie Cheese-Lover’s Cookbook: Cooking, Grilling Baking with Brie: 40 Best Brie Recipes

The world loves Brie and this buttery, soft French cheese pairs perfectly with just about anything.It's marriage of mild and mellow flavors works well in lots of savory dishes and is equally as good in sweet ones, too.Whether cooking, grilling or baking with Brie, discover this versatile ingredient.Choose from 40 un-Brie-lievably delicious recipes including:• Cranberry Brie Pie• Olive and Brie Tapenade Nachos• Apricot Glazed Walnut and Brie Stuffed Chicken with Roast Potatoes• Brie and Bacon Risotto• Louisiana Crab and Brie Soup • White Truffle and Brie Stuffed Crispy Potatoes• Nutty Crepes with Burnt Honey and Brie• Yogurt and Brie Panna Cotta with Passion Fruit SauceAre you are looking for a weeknight dinner, a special occasion main, or an un-Brie-lievably decadent dessert, then look no further.So if you enjoy cooking, grilling or baking with Brie, the Brie Cheese-Lover's Cookbook is the one for you!

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