The Backcountry Feast: Over 40 Simple Dehydrated Backpacking Recipes

The Backcountry Feast features more than tried and true dehydrator recipes. There are also plenty of tips on how to dehydrate different items, including a trick for making your own dehydrated eggs that rehydrate well for fluffy scrambled egg dishes. You can also find options for tackling gluten-free or vegetarian meals by making simple substitutions to the recipes. Every meal is ready in the time it takes to set up camp – just boil water and wait 10 minutes! From traditional fare like beef stew and mac and cheese, to more unique items like smoothies, burritos, and stuffed peppers, there is an easy yet filling camp meal at the end of everyone's daily trail. These recipes store well once dehydrated, so you can have a stocked pantry for summer camping or keep a few on hand for emergency foods during a power outage or similar emergency.

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