The 500 Best-Value Wines in the LCBO

This is the eighth edition of the hugely popular Liquor Control Board of Ontario wine guide. Updated yearly, this new edition rates the vintages which will appear on Ontarian shelves in 2016, rating each wine on a five-star, value-for-money scale. Out of an approximately 1500 wines tasted from the LCBO General Purchase and Vintage Essentials lists, Rod Phillips has chosen this year’s 500 most notable, with 100 new additions, as well as updated comments and ratings for previous entries. 500 Best Value Wines provides concise, no-nonsense descriptions of its catalog, with additional information on sweetness factor, grape variety, vintage year, and recommended food pairings. There is even space to add your own notes after you’ve tried Rod’s suggestion. No wine consumer in the LCBO will want to head to the store without this definitive guide. And the appeal goes well beyond the LCBO―chances are you will find many of these wines in liquor stores and wine shops throughout Canada. So take advantage of good- to great wines that are available at reasonable prices, and try something new if you tend to buy the same wine time after time. With updated information and carefully researched reviews, this book is the most comprehensive LCBO wine guide there is. Bottoms up!

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