The 5-Day Juicing Diet: A Plant-Based Program to Achieve Lasting Weight Loss & Long Term Health

A fresh take on juicing (and eating!) for weight loss and health.Juicing is a simple, delicious way to lose weight while boosting your energy and overall health. But you don’t have to go hungry on a strict juice cleanse to enjoy those benefits. The 5-Day Juicing Diet is a nourishing 5-day juice and meal plan that will make you think “I can do this!”This easy-to-follow plan comes complete with a full meal chart, instructions for juicing and blending at home, and a rundown on selecting, storing, and preparing fruits and veggies for juicing. Most importantly, you’ll get tons of tasty juice combos to choose from―and recipes for plant-powered meals to help you squeeze out the most benefits.The 5 Day Juicing Diet includes:Juicing how-tos―Solve the mysteries of which juicer to choose, how to pick the right produce, and how to create your own juice blends―all the info you need is here.100 recipes―Enjoy invigorating new flavor combinations like Coconut Kale, Lemon Chia Elixir, or Cucumber, Basil, and Lime Juice.Snacks and suppers―Feel satiated by eating delicious, plant-based snacks and meals every day―follow the included menu chart, or build your own from a variety of recipes.Blend juicing into your life and start crushing your health goals with The 5 Day Juicing Diet!

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