Texas Church Supper & Family Reunion Cookbook

Need a recipe that'll be the pride of the potluck, or just something new and quick? Dona Mularkey and Dolores Runyon sifted through generations of recipes from family, friends and fellow congregants to put together this collection of nostalgic dishes for all courses and situations. From Devil Made Me Do It Eggs, Angel Biscuits and Diet Dr Pepper Salad, to Garden of Eatin' Lasagna, true Southern Fried Chicken and dozens of delicious desserts, they're all presented in an easy-to-follow manner by this tiny gem. We've flagged last-minute 'crisis' recipes and slow-cooker candidates, too. As award-winning food editor Amy Culbertson points out in her introduction, you'll find a wealth of ideas for family and holiday gatherings, church suppers and socials, potlucks and picnics and office parties.

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