Tea Sandwiches: The delicate & delicious Tea Sandwich Cookbook

With “Tea Sandwiches”, you’ll enjoy 55 tried-and-true, tantalizing Tea Sandwich recipes.These mouthwatering Tea Sandwich recipes are delicious, dainty and delicate, just as they should be. What began as an English tradition has made its way across the pond to households all around the globe.The step-by-step Tea Sandwich recipes are so simple. But don’t worry, you’re guest will think you slaved in the kitchen for days preparing them.Not only do you get fabulous Tea Sandwich recipes, you’ll also get homemade tea recipes, tea party suggestions.From meat-filled finger sandwiches, like Tarragon Chicken Delight, to veggie-spreads tea sandwiches, such as Edamame Yogurt Fancies, you’ll impress not only your guests, but yourself as well.Creating Tea Sandwiches has never been easier…or more delicious.You’ll see why the little delicacies that have made history in Britain are now making waves around the world as well. Find out for yourself why “Tea Sandwiches" is spot on…simply delicious.

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