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Speaking in Cod Tongues: A Canadian Culinary Journey (Digestions)

“What is Canadian cuisine? Lenore Newman distils much of the current thinking into the erudite and elegantly readable Speaking in Cod Tongues. Her odyssey across the country provides a wealth of culinary detail, giving us a vivid contemporary portrait of Canada’s complex and ever-evolving foodways.” — James Chatto, National Culinary Advisor, Gold Medal Plates”A captivating work. Newman recognizes …

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Arab Cooking on a Prairie Homestead: Recipes and Recollections from a Syrian Pioneer

In Arab Cooking on a Prairie Homestead, over 200 recipes and the author’s childhood recollections combine to tell the story of a little-known group of early immigrants to the prairies–the Syrians. There was a significant Syrian community in Saskatchewan during the Depression, and their traditional foods and crops were well-suited to the dryland farming that the drought of …

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