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Modern German Food

Few nations enjoy their food quite as much as the Germans, but German cooks have learnt the lesson of recent years; even the most traditional dishes are now made in a lighter, fresher style. And Germans know a thing or two about freshness; their farmers and retailers have long been at the forefront of the organic revolution. It …

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Eat Caribbean: The Best of Caribbean Cookery

With previously unpublished recipes and beautiful colour photographs of food and the local landscape, this is a glorious tour around the Caribbean and its culinary delights. The book features both traditional and updated recipes from the different islands and, although the Caribbean has a reputation for hot food, it includes dishes with delicate, evocative flavours. The dishes are …

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Fondue Cookery

Fondues are great for apres-ski, for apres-shopping, for apres-a-hard-day-at-the-office, apres-anything really. They’re no trouble to make, sinfully delicious and fun to eat. They can be as simple or sophisticated as you choose. In this beautifully illustrated book you will find fondue recipes for every occasion: informal suppers for family and friends, children’s parties, dinner parties and many more. …

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