Pyrex Basics 2-qt Oblong with red cover

This Pyrex Baking Dish is designed to fit most standard recipes, so whether you’re serving up three-cheese lasagna, six-minute soufflé or seven-layer dip, you can prepare enough servings for any number of guests.

2-qt Oblong Baking Dish with Red Plastic Cover
7″ x 11″
Model: 232

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Pyrex Deep Baking Dish Set (6-Piece, BPA-Free Lids)

Get ready for a big upgrade. The deeper hold-everything baking dish is here to take all your yummy creations to new heights. At up to 50% deeper than the Pyrex Basics baking dishes in your kitchen Today, You get more room for roasts, fillings, stuffing’s, and sauces than any other baking dish on the market. With less mess …

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Pyrex Bakeware Custard Cups, 10-Ounce, Set of 4

These 10-ounce glass custard cups are ideal for making and serving individual baked or frozen desserts like crème caramel or ice cream. The oven-safe glass transfers heat steadily and efficiently, so food cooks evenly in any oven. Pyrex glass will not absorb or leach flavors or odors, and it cleans up easily either by hand or in the …

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Pyrex 325-PC 2.5qt 323-PC 1.5qt 322-PC 1qt Mixing Bowl Lids – 3 Pack

Users of this Pyrex round lid bundle will enjoy the convenience of (3) colorful lids for their Pyrex mixing bowls (not included). With (1) 325-PC 2.5-qt blue lid, (1) 323-PC 1.5-qt orange lid, and (1) 322-PC 1-qt green lid, users will have a variety of colors and sizes. Microwave splatters will be a thing of the past when …

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