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Let’s Cook Dutch: A Complete Guide for the Dutch Oven Chef

For centuries the dutch oven has been the world’s most portable camp stove. the pioneers on the frontier made good use of their dutch ovens and developed a tasty array of recipes. Unfortunately, much of their knowledge has been lost or forgotten in more recent times. Robert L. Ririe is one of the nation’s most experienced dutch-oven chefs. …

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The ABC’s of Home Food Dehydration

Every important facet of home food dehydrating is covered in this handy reference volume, which provides directions for making dozens of thrifty, healthy, do-it-yourself meals and covenience foods. Starting with a reminder of the “whys” of dehydrating foods, the book inspires its readers forward through chapters that carefully explain the various methods used to dehydrate and preserve foods. …

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Just Add Water How to Use Dehydrated Food and TVP

Just Add Water has long been recognized as an excellent source for delicious, easily prepared recipes that use dehydrated foods. Its long-term popularity continues because it utilizes food and recipes that families really like to eat, and because it adapts dehydrated food components into familiar and well-liked basic family meals. It’s brief and concise, but it tells homemakers …

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