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Simple Gatherings: 50 Ways to Inspire Connection (Inspired Ideas)

Create Memorable Gatherings with Simplicity and Style Welcoming friends and family into your home doesn’t have to be intimidating! These 50 affordable and inspired ideas from bestselling author Melissa Michaels will help you turn any get-together into a special memory.Simplify tasks and focus on what guests remember most: the atmosphere, feast, conversation, and special touches.Reduce stress when you …

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Mix-and-Match Mama Simmers: Slow-Cooker Creations Your Family Will Love

Just Prep, Simmer and Serve—It’s That Easy! Let the Mix and Match Mama introduce you to her new best friend…the slow cooker. Popular food blogger Shay Shull is here to show how you this versatile tool can be used to cook a wide variety of amazing meals. Break out of your recipe rut when you makeDelicious Dips—classic queso, …

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Mix-and-Match Cakes: The Simple Secret to 101 Delicious, Wow-Worthy Cakes (Mix-And-Match Mama)

Great for the busy woman, novice baker, and anyone who loves to have their cake and eat it too! Discover mouthwatering new favorites for holidays, celebrations, special days, and every day likePumpkin Spice Latte CakeCadbury Creme Egg CakeSalted Caramel Mocha CakeCrunchy Pretzel CakeChocolate Coffee Hazelnut CakeMix-and-Match Cakes is full of easy and delicious recipes that will make you …

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