Ergo Chef

Ergo Chef Michael Symon 7 Inch Vegetable Cleaver G10 Handle

7 inch vegetable cleaver and scooper knife, the sturdy yet thin blade is .068 inches thin by 3.350 inches wide by 7 inches long blade allows you to cut and scoop up lots of food. It will get through the toughest veggies with little effort. The handle is .725 inches thick by 1.050 inches wide in the middle …

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Ergo Chef ER83 Universal Knife Edge Guard Set , Multicolor

The universal edge guard set by ergo chef includes 2 wide-blade and 3 narrow-blade guards to make a set of 5. The guards protect the edges of your knives – and your fingers, too! store and transport knives safely without damaging or dulling their blade edge. The bright colors help identify knives easily in a drawer or in …

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