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The Sweet Potato Lover’s Cookbook: More than 100 ways to enjoy one of the world’s healthiest foods

Endless Mealtime Possibilities and Spectacular Flavors! As every sweet potato lover knows, it’s more than just a holiday side dish-it’s one of the world’s healthiest and most flavorful foods! In this unique collection bursting with over one hundred recipes, you’ll find easy-to-make dishes that highlight the natural and delicious flavors of this versatile vegetable. Enjoy sweet potatoes year-round …

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The Sweet Potato Cookbook

Who would have imagined that the simple sweet potato-sometimes called “the lowly tuber” due to its homely appearance-could offer so many scrumptious possibilities? The Sweet Potato Cookbook is a unique collection of more than one hundred tantalizing recipes for dishes to serve at breakfast, lunch, or dinner with chapters on appetizers, beverages, soups, main courses, side dishes, …

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The Hemochromatosis Cookbook: Recipes and Meals for Reducing the Absorption of Iron in Your Diet

Hemochromatosis – an inherited metabolic iron disorder – is one of modern medicine’s greatest oversights. For people with metabolic iron disorders, controlling the intake of iron contributes to wellness and the prevention of such chronic diseases as:• Heart disease• Diabetes• Arthritis• Liver disease• Impotence• DepressionThe Hemochromatosis Cookbook is written specifically for those who suffer from such iron …

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