Mozaic: French Cuisine, Balinese Flavours

Embark on a culinary discovery of Bali, where the wild and inventive gourmet imaginings of French-American chefvisionaryChris Salans have taken root. Using essentially modern French techniques of cooking and presentation, theclassically-trained Salans incorporates everyday Indonesian and Balinese ingredients and flavours – sometimesexplosive, but more often subtly nuanced – into his recipes. This mosaic of dishes excites with their …

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Sommeliers’ Heaven: The Greatest Wine Cellars of the World

For true wine enthusiasts there comes a moment when a rack in the basement no longer meets their demands. Wine cellars today are places to enjoy one’s wine as time improves it, an ideal fusion of function and style. These spaces not only have perfectly controlled temperature, humidity, and air conditioning, but frequently also fascinating designs at the …

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