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Restaurant 2112 – A Tale of Meat and Metal

PETER IWERS AND BJÖRN GELOTTE are known as two members of the famous heavy metal act In Fla- mes. But outside the world tours and sold-out gigs, Peter and Björn are also proud owners of Restaurant 2112 in Gothenburg. Here, together with childhood friend Mattias Lindeblad, they tell the tale of how their dream of their own place …

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The Swedish Meatball Bible

The Swedish Meatball Bible is a tribute to the legendary meal: small meatballs with mashed potatoes, creamy gravy, lingonberries and pickled cucumber. Some claim that it was the Swedish warrior king, Karl the 12th, who brought the concept of meatballs to Sweden from the battlefields of Turkey. Others say that the global success has more to do …

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