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Rhubarb: 50 Tried & True Recipes (Nature’s Favorite Foods Cookbooks)

The Cookbook That Captures the Taste of Summer An unusual yet surprisingly common perennial, rhubarb is as versatile as it is iconic. With a subtle yet distinct tart, earthy flavor, it’s perfect as a sauce, in a drink, and, of course, baked in a pie. Rhubarb is a cookbook by food stylist Corrine Kozlak that features 50 tried …

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The Joy of Rhubarb: The Versatile Summer Delight (Fruits & Favorites Cookbooks)

Rhubarb’s sweetly old-fashioned stalk, with a pucker-sour side, tastes like summer. It can be used alone in recipes, and it blends brightly with most fruits. This spirited vegetable (it’s not a fruit) is for more than just pies―there are many ways to include it in a variety of recipes. Acclaimed cookbook author Theresa Millang presents more than 200 …

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So Much S’more To Do: Over 50 Variations of the Campfire Classic

S’mores are as much a part of camping as tents and sleeping bags – but have you ever wondered how to make this tasty treat even better? Becky Rasmussen provides the answer with 55 simple twists – including holiday recipes and spirited s’mores – that will have you begging for s’more! The book also includes a marshmallow toasting …

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