Sweeeeeeeet Candy Recipes: Homemade recipes that will tickle your tummy!

Do you LOVE the wide variety of candy you can purchase in stores and online? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to make your own candy?Whether you’ve prepared other types of snacks and meals at home or not, these recipes will have you making your favorite candy treats in no time. This cookbook will give you the pertinent information you need to get started in making candy. Your candy will be affected not only by the ingredients you choose, but also by the procedures you use to prepare it. When you have had some experience using sugar, chocolate and other candy ingredients, you’ll be on the way to making delicious, appealing candies. Candy making doesn’t need to be complicated or mysterious. The instructions may be different than those normally used in cooking other types of dishes, but they aren’t all that difficult, and you’ll catch on quickly. Candies that have a sugary syrup base, which involves boiling water and sugar together, will require certain temperatures to combine properly. A simple candy thermometer will allow you to keep an eye on your treats, to see how they’re faring. Once you’ve gotten used to the mixtures most often used, you’ll enjoy making candy at home. Try some today!

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