Swallow This

Swallow This offers a whole new approach to wine, the Progressive Approach; that is pragmatic, easy-to-understand and consumer focused. Mark's humorous, irreverent style makes learning about wine fun. Topics covered include: When to microwave wine; What wine is best for wild sex; When to freeze wine; The most amazing way to open a bottle of sparkling wine; The hazards of keeping wine in your living room, or worse, in your kitchen; The one word that will solve all of your wine and food matching questions; Why buying expensive wine is a waste of money; The four sentences to say to a wine store clerk to get good wine every time; The advantage of storing wine in Tupperware, ziplock bags and plastic water bottles; Why buying wine by the ratings is stupid; The mating call of a wine geek; The trick to knowing what wine tastes like before you buy it; When it's appropriate to add ice cubes to wine; What wine is best while doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, etc.; The two words that take the intimidation out of wine; The 1:10 ratio to guide you on how long to age wine; The truth about using different shapes and sizes of wine glasses; Overview of the world s wine regions with buying recommendations; How the 20 minute rule will help you serve wine at the right temperature; What to do with the cork when the waiter gives it to you; When to send a wine back at a restaurant, even if it's not rotten and so much more. Witty, unique, fast-paced, and never, ever boring, Swallow This will be the most practical, entertaining, informative and enjoyable wine book on the market today.

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