Sushi Bazooka Roller and Sushi Slicer , All in One Sushi Making Kit – Kitchen Appliance for perfect Sushi Roll

THE EASIEST WAY TO MAKE PERFECT SUSHI! Don't waste your money on a kitchen gadget you won't be able to use! This Sushi Bazooka is the absolute easiest way you will find to make perfect rolls every single time. Impress all your guests next time you entertain in your home with a healthy and diverse option of home-made sushi! SAFE choice for your home - No Chemicals! We use Premium Materials: BPA Free, FDA Approved Dishwasher safe - Don't waste your time - open your Sushi Bazooka and let the dishwasher do the rest! Money-Saving Addition to your diet: Fresh, healthy, delicious and nutritious! - With our awesome Sushi Maker you'll be able to add sushi to your regular diet without spending a fortune going to restaurants. Bundled items: : Sushi bazooka Sushi cutter 2 x Chopsticks Instructions

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