Stop Beating Your Meat – Smoke it Instead: A Meatlover’s Cookbook with 50 Delicious and Funny Grill & BBQ Recipes That Will Have Your Guests Begging for More

ALERT!! THIS COOKBOOK CONTAINS CRUDE HUMOR AND MAY NOT BE FOR YOU!!KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!!However, if you are open-minded about giving perhaps the best and funniest gift at the Christmas party then this book, Stop Beating Your Meat - Smoke It instead, could be just what you are looking for!!!This one is for all the men out there who love their meat but don’t know what to do with it. First, stop playing around with your meat. Quit the games and get it together! We, women, need YOU! For this book, I brought in a world-class BBQ expert who shall remain nameless, but let’s put it this way, he is a top legend down in Texas!Who can you give it to?Mr. Same Ol’ - This guy cooks his one go-to over and over, aka your husband. We get it already!You know who...yeah. Him. He needs it. We both know it!Mr. All Over the Place - He’s got some potential ideas, but he is way too inconsistent. He needs solid barbque advice and standard cooking practices found in these books to take that potential and mold it into a fine-tuned cooking machine.No gift will make your loved ones Christmas like our Dirty Girl Cookbooks. Watching their faces as they open it up will be worth it many times over. You will never forget the laughter shared together and that is what the Holidays are all about! Our Dirty Girl Cookbooks bring families together with funny and delicious recipes! Man, you might even have Santa laughing!   P.S. This cook book is also perfect for a white elephant gift, secret Santa gift, adult stocking stuffer, Yankee swap exchange for adults or just an old-fashioned gag gifts! P.S.S. For my men out there, this is a great gift for the wife, her, girlfriend or any woman who you want to impress.

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