STGA Cutting Board Mats, Food Grade Plastic Kitchen Cutting Mat With Food Icons, Set of 4 (15”×12”)

STGA Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats - Set Of 4Adopt food grade plastic material,BPA-FREE.Great for any kitchen, outdoors, picnic or camping.Product Features:4 different color mats with icon to avoid cross contaminationGreen color with tomato icon, used for cutting fruit and vegetables.Yellow color with chicken icon, used for cutting chicken and duck.Blue color with fish icon, used for sea food.Red color with cow icon, used for cutting meat and other raw food.Now you can easily track which raw foods you have used on these flexible cutting mats according to different color and food icons.Non-Slip BottomThe crosshatched back keeps our mats in place and prevents slipping on your counter-tops.Portable and flexible designOur mats are easy to curl to help transport food directly into a bowl or pot.Specification15 inches in length, 12 inches in width, 1 MM in thickness.

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