Simple Pleasures: Recipes and Memories of Real Food

This is a book about good food with heart: 80 easy-to-prepare comfort food recipes. What is it about comfort food? We now know that certain foods can trigger the part of our brain that connects to pleasurable early memories: think of apple pie, mashed potatoes and butter, the smell of garlic and onions sizzling in olive oil… By early childhood we are imprinted with these sense and taste preferences. For co-authors Chris Fennimore and Chef Daniel Agüera, their food memories started as children in their grandmothers’ kitchens. Chris’s Italian grandmother could make magic out of the simplest ingredients; Daniel’s Spanish abuela taught him to cook from the heart. In this book, they showcase their families’ best-loved comfort food traditions, along with American classics that should always have a place at the table. Test kitchen approved – with mouthwatering color photos for every recipe.

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