Silicone Mini Donut Maker Baking Cupidove Muffin Pan Tray 12 Holes Pure Food Grad Green makes12 Full Size Donuts, BPA Free, FDA & German LFGB Approved

Cupidove would like to introduce the 12 cavity full size silicone donut mold. After long and extensive research we have found the perfect design to compliment your donut baking needs! Bake 13 full sized donuts with onean! Be on your way to enjoying delicious delights. The pan will fit into all standard sized ovens. Now you can enjoy a donut pan that will not leave you with a sticky mess to clean up afterwards. Our modern silicone material is engineered to be a non-stick baking surface that is safe up to 445 degrees. The fully flexible mold is perfect for creating eggs, breakfast sandwiches, muffins, bagels and chocolates to enjoy with your morning cup of coffee! Don't stop with just food though, the 12 cavity mold is also perfect for creating bath bombs, soap and ice rings. Your imagination is the limit with the Cupidove fully functional 12 Cavity Donut Baking Pan. With the purchase of our pan you will receive free recipe ideas that include: gluten free, dairy free, and paleo donut options! The pan is backed by our 100% money back guarantee: we will refund your full purchase price or send you a replacement pan at absolutely no cost to you if you are not satisfied in any way. Don't wait any longer, add your Cupidove Donut Baking Pan to your shopping cart now, your oven is waiting! ?

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