Set of 2 Copper Knives! 6.25″ Blade – As Seen on TV Never Sharpen Knives! Stays Sharp Forever! Effortless Clean Cuts Every Time! Ideal for Chopping, Dicing, Mincing, and More! (2)

These As Seen on TV Copper Knives are a must have for any home! This extremely sharp blade will never dull and delivers effortless clean cuts every time! The oval cut design in the blade reduces friction and keeps slices from sticking to the blade! CAUTION CUT HAZARD: Sharp Blades. Improper use, Chiseling, Ice Picking, Prying, Applying Force Onto Back of Blade, Or Contact May Result In Injury. Always Keep Blades Away From Fingers And Body. Do Not Use if Damaged Or Blade Is Loose. Handle With Care. If Not In Use, Store In Its Sheath Or Safe Place. Keep Out of Reach of Children.

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