Scanpan Classic Covered Saute Pan 3.25 QT

Scanpan 11" Titanium Classic Saute Pan w/LidDesigned &manufactured in Denmark, Scanpan's pressure cast aluminum cookware features a patented PFOA-free Ceramic Titanium Nonstick surface for easy release, fat-free cooking and easy clean up. It even allowsfor use of metal utensils. Experience perfect heat distribution and heat retention with Scanpan, the only premium nonstick cookware that can sear, brown and deglaze food. Suitable for all stovetops, except induction. Features:* Capacity: 3¼qt* All glass lids used for the SCANPAN Classic Ceramic Titanium series are made in tempered glass and are ovenproof to 260ºC.* The best stick-resistant cookware you can buy! To make Scanpan Titanium, the Danish manufacturer fires titanium ceramic into a pressure cast aluminum base, the thickest of any cookware on the market. The result is avirtually indestructible cooking surface in a panwith even heat distribution that is guaranteed not to warp under any circumstances. Feel free to use metal utensils and scouring pads.* The cookware and its see-through Pyrex glass lids are oven-proof up to 500F. The extra thick bases are ruler-flat, so the pans conduct heat evenly even on ceramic or hologen ranges. And the lifetime warranty means that the company stands by its workmanship. Ifyou have a problem with one of these pans, send it back to Scanpan and they will replace it.* Scanpan Titanium is not like T-Fal and other "slippery" non-sticks. Its cooking surface is composed ofmillions of microscopic "hills and valleys". It works best when you wipe on a drop or two of oil before each use. Cleanup? Just immerse the hot pan into cold water. It steams itself clean.

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