Savory Home Cooking: From Our Sicilian Hearts to Yours

Savory Home Cooking: From Our Sicilian Hearts to Yours, teaches you how to make delicious meals with fresh, easy to find ingredients; whether from your local market or straight from the garden! To either a novice or seasoned cook, these recipes are easy to follow and eliminate the need to search for gourmet ingredients in specialty stores. If you’re a food enthusiast but sometimes get daunted by long and complicated recipes, this book will inspire you to be in the kitchen! This tried and true collection of Italian, as well as, popular recipes allows you to enjoy great tasting food prepared in your own home without having to sacrifice taste. You'll find many recipes that have dazzled the taste buds of family and friends for many years. It is sure to become a go-to resource for simple yet savory cuisine. Satisfy your culinary curiosity and be the master of your meals! Preparing delicious meals is at your fingertips with Savory Home Cooking; which include soups, salads, vegetables, appetizers, entrees and desserts.

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