SAKEN Bread Knife – 10 inch serrated – Kitchen Bread Knife in Luxury Gift Box – Perfect Gift for any Home Cook/Baker – Premium German HC Steel

Smooth slicing for bagels, breads and more! It's incredibly satisfying to glide through a thick loaf of sourdough bread or a dense fresh bagel with just one stroke of a knife. If you are fed up of sawing back and forth with a blunt bread knife that creates uneven, crumbled, torn slices then perhaps it's time for a new one? Saken Bread Knife features a sharp serrated edge that cuts through bread without flattening or tearing it. Sandwiches just taste that much better when each slice is the perfect thickness! Professional Craftsmanship➤ Made from German HC Steel the blade has both strength and beauty. The high carbon steel is far superior to regular steel as it will stay sharp for longer and is corrosion resistant. ➤ The Saken bread knife is designed for slicing all kinds of bread, cutting cake layers or domes. Carefully crafted serrations let you gently saw through your baked goods without crushing or tearing. ➤ Saken knives will stay exceptional for years to come. Both the blade and handle are wear-resistant, stain resistant and rust resistant. ➤ Perfectly balanced, full-tang construction. Designed to suit the cutting techniques used by professional pastry chefs and bakers, this knife brings culinary mastery to any kitchen. ➤ Arrives in a luxury gift box. Specifications55+ Rockwell hardness Overall length: 10 in, blade length: 10 in, net wt.: 2 lbTaking Meal Prep to a New LevelImpress your guests and add professionalism to your kitchen. Instead of making do with that blunt kitchen knife you've been using for years, treat yourself to a new generation of kitchen knives. Exceptional cutting power combined with comfort and affordability makes Saken the answer to your culinary needs!

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