Rice or Noodles: Oriental Stir Fry Cookbook featuring 30 Mouth-watering Stir Fry Recipes

Do you ever wish there was a hardy meal you could whip up without slaving for hours over a stove? Do you like fresh, delicious and colorful food but are tired of the same plain boring vegetables you typically see every day? If so, then this Stir Fry Cookbook may just be the answer to all your culinary dreams! Armed with 30 delicious Stir Fry Recipes that are so quick and easy to make that you will not believe that it just came out of your kitchen. Push the take-out menus aside and let’s embark on an exciting culinary adventure through Asian cuisine with nothing but our woks, cookbook, thongs and our every building appetite for delicious food. But, enough talking! Let’s go rock our wok!

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