Rebel Canners Cookbook: Preserving Time-Honored Methods

Rebel Canners Cookbook is the private recipe collection of Tammy McNeil, the Author who an avid Blogger that has 60,000+ members in her "Rebel Canners" Facebook group alone. She has many successful Facebook groups on topics like baking and one for Vegans, too. Rebel Canners is the name of the Facebook group that she started a few years ago that has grown by leaps and bounds. I have been amazed at the interest in the concept of being Rebel Canners which embraces the idea that not everything good to can has to be approved by the USDA to be safe which is why we say "Welcome To The Darkside. Her practice is to preserve time-honored methods that are tried and true. Canning together is just something my family did together around the kitchen table. Our ancestors can teach us about so many things, and she wants to pass along everything she has learned to the younger generation.Around the world, people know Tammy as a canning expert and educator dedicated to guiding others in preserving time-honored canning methods. Explore the possibilities that await you when you practice these techniques. Do you ever wish you had a grandma or grandpa or that canning expert great aunt to get tips from? Open this cookbook for the answers that you seek from someone who has benefited from canning around the table with her family for a lifetime.

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