Quick Cooking for Halloween: Over 130 Recipes to serve at the Annual Halloween  BOO-ffet!

Halloween is the one time of year that we can get away with serving food that looks gross, disgusting, and even Scary! Quick Cooking for Halloween includes over 130 recipes that are not only delicious, but will be great fun to serve to all the visiting ghosts, ghouls, goblins, vampires, and princesses, cheerleaders, etc., as well as friends and family members who drop by. There are enough fun and unique dishes to plan and carry out a "Spooktacular" Halloween BOO-ffet, complete with Appetizers and Snacks, Beverages, Main Dishes, Soups & Sandwiches, Side Dishes, and Desserts. The recipes in Quick Cooking for Halloween have color photographs and detailed instructions. They are easy enough for anyone to make - no special cooking or baking skills needed! Many of the recipes use easy convenience foods, and dozens are easy enough for kids to make by themselves. How about serving Severed Werewolf "Feet" Loaves with Ghostly Potato Puffs and Wiggly Worms for dinner tonight? Or if you’re really busy, cook one of several main dishes inside of a pumpkin in the slow cooker, accompanied by bones or witches fingers with dough made quickly in the automatic bread machine. Because it’s often chilly weather on Halloween night, there are several recipes for soups and stews that are substantial and filling, eliminating the need to pig out on all that Halloween candy. If you have a vampire problem, there’s even a recipe for Vampire Insurance, that will keep those pesky vampires at bay for days, and there are salads that are shaped like eyeballs, stomachs, brains, and other assorted body parts. Everyone needs recipes for breads shaped like fingers, toes, spiders, – big and small, and pumpkins, along with main dishes and sandwiches that resemble spiders, snakes and eyeballs. Anyone will appreciate recipes for a Slimy Slithering Snake sandwich, Scary Stuffed Spiders, Awesome “Eye”wiches, BOO-burgers, and Hallo”weenies”. Highly addicting snack mixes are included, as well as desserts that range from cookies and dessert pizzas with Halloween candy to several Halloween popcorn varieties and even a Cinnamon Candy Apple fondue. The detailed index will help identify just which creature, body part, or dish to create, the photographs will insure that the dishes look perfect, and there are also some bonus module and mix recipes to help save time in preparation.

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