Poke: Hawaii’s Food

Poke is Hawaii s food, popular everywhere in the Islands and now in many places on the mainland U.S. as well. There are so many ways to make poke so many directions to go. Just about anything can be done. Anyone can become a creative chef mixing and matching their favorite seafood or other ingredient with the basics of soy sauce, sesame oil, and Hawaiian sea salt. With over 110 recipes, including contributions from his chef friends, Sam demonstrates poke s amazing versatility from traditional poke dishes, to recipes influenced by the flavors and seasonings brought to Hawaii by Asian newcomers, through dishes patterned after ceviche, carpaccio, tartare, and other preparations of raw fish. There is even (slightly) cooked poke and the new wave of poke dishes that take poke to unprecedented culinary heights. Immersed in the foods of the Islands since childhood, Sam had the vision to see that poke could become Hawaii s signature dish. Not surprisingly this king of local (Hawaii) food is a natural for this role. It has history, it is easy to prepare and transport, it is versatile, and it allows for innovation. Whether you enjoy eating or preparing poke, whether you are a true aficionado or just like to order poke at your favorite restaurant, there is a recipe for you in this book.

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