Pickles and Ice Cream: A Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings Cookbook

Pregnancy is known for eliciting some of our most outlandish food cravings. Having a miniature human growing inside of you can really mess with how your tongue and brain work. Suddenly, the food you used to love is waging war on your stomach. And your new favorite food resembles something that a stoned college student whipped up from the leftovers in his fridge. Enter, Eating for Two: The Pregnancy Cravings Cookbook, the first book to compile these bizarre combinations-Oreos and toothpaste, buttered watermelon-into actual recipes, accompanied by artfully composed images and the stories behind the actual women who craved them. Each of the seventy-five recipes has been tested by the authors-so you don't have to!-receiving a rating and a pithy review. Part parody and part commiseration, Eating for Two is a wry, humorous, and shockingly beautiful look at the foods of pregnancy, perfect for any mom-to-be.

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