Peace Love Vegan: A Journal Of Compassion

Peace Love Vegan: A Journal Of Compassion. Wether you're just starting to think about becoming vegan OR you've been one for years, you can use this journal to keep track of the journey. Some suggestions for the use of this journal are to record your feelings about veganism, why you decided to change to this lifestyle, great recipes you've discovered, vegan brands you want to try, notes on books you've read or documentaries and videos you've seen or just what you eat and things you do that makes you feel good about being vegan. Feel free to doodle or write in this book. It's really up to you. It's your journey. Becoming vegan can be difficult for some and for others it's more simple. The path is different for everyone. It is also a great idea to pass this book along one day to someone else who is just starting this lifestyle, maybe a child or a friend. It will give them a wealth of ideas to help their journey be smoother and for them to feel that they are not alone.

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