Passover Cookery : In the Kitchen with Joan Kekst

From the novice to the seasoned cook, the Jewish holiday of Passover presents a host of culinary challenges. But whether your goal is to create a new and distinct feast or to reproduce the beauty and traditions of your grandmother's Seder, Joan Kekst paves the way in her upcoming book, Passover Cookery: In the Kitchen with Joan Kekst. Cleveland food columnist, lecturer, kosher cooking instructor, and passionate cook, Kekst wrote her book in response to frequent pleas for help from those making Passover for the first time. She combines common sense, easy to follow instructions, with creative recipes from her extensive private collection into this indispensable guide. Passover Cookery includes: Dishes that can be made in advance of the Seder Interesting foods children will love Numerous low-fat/low-cholesterol and vegetarian recipe suggestions Ethnic specialties from Sephardic and Ashkenazic heritage To help first time Seder makers, and those new to Judaism, Kekst provides easy-to-understand explanations of the holiday, its requirements, customs, unique cooking ingredients, and the symbolic foods of the Seder plate. Her "Countdown to Passover" guide helps busy cooks and their families to organize their holiday preparations into easy steps. Starting six weeks ahead, Kekst outlines a schedule for all the preparations necessary to create a "Kosher for Passover" home and a healthy, tantalizing, and meaningful Seder feast. Recipes accomodate all eight days of the Passover holiday.

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